I am Badar Ali Khan Qawwal (Singer & Artist), My father’s name is Ilyas Ali Khan and my grandfather name is Faiz Ali Khan. We are basically singer (Qawwal) and doing perform Qawwali and Sufi - Izam round about Fifty (50) years. My grand father also has performed in Jalandhar (India) after partition he came Lahore, Pakistan and perform Qawwali till on his death but this is not stop the art Sufi - Izm. Because all the responsibilities shifted on my Father Ilyas Ali Khan and my Uncle Arshad Ali Khan popular with name (Achi Mian Qawwal). They are very famous, and performed many shows in country and out of countries like London France, Saudi Arabia.etc.

We perform Qawwali for Television, Radio and other channels. But these responsibilities are not finished, my elder brother. Now our team working is own my name Qawwal Badar Ali Khan. I owned my culture of my old elders in best way and take forward steps. My way of success is that mostly I sing my own compositions that make my brother RIZWAN ALI KHAN. Previous days my friends TOMEK W Y SOKINSKI and DANIEL came to my home and recorded a ( song ) Qawwali in my voice for a shoot of a Film. Whose will be releasing the entire world with this year. Now days I am working on my Music Album Mix with Pakistani and Japans songs with my japans friend TAKUYA. These all compositions are of my brother RIZWAN ALI KHAN. I am doing perform every Thursday at the MEZAR HAZRAT DATA GANJ BAKSH FAIZ - E - ALAM (R.A.Z). I have performed all of the country I have took lot of caps in my head whose meet me as own my rewards. I performed Qawwali for RADIO PAKISTAN, PTV LAHORE, ISLAMABAD.